Ms. Amanda from church
Herding Butterflies and telling them about Jesus! Helping the Bible come alive showing kids how it is relevant today.

Volunteer Videos ALL SCHEDULED - for the YEAR!

As one of the videos was encouraging us to celebrate our wins!  Here is mine.

I just scheduled all the Volunteer Tip Videos for the ENTIRE YEAR!  

I did notice the time isn't what I picked when I go into scheduled announcements.  It won't be a big deal as long as they go out on that date.  

Question:  How do people know there is an announcement?  Do they have to set that up in their hub or can I set that up for them?  It would be nice to know they are looking at the materials.
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Email Acceptance

We have some teachers on our volunteer teams and they prefer to use their work emails.  It isn't recognizing their email address as valid.  

Here is an example...  we have several districts that use this format.  



Downloading and Extracting Zip Files

I am having trouble downloading the Events and Discipleship materials. 

I have tried 2-3 times and it won't let me extract the zip files.  I even tried the individual events and the unit as a whole.  That folder came up empty?


Hubs is HERE!

I started playing around with Hubs and sent it to 3 of my key volunteers. 

I accidentally added a lesson to the wrong date - when I went to edit it and move it to another date it took me to a blank screen.

I am sure you have a laundry list of little programming things to fix as does every rollout!  Wanted you to know about this one.

So far I am thinking this will be a great way to get the lesson guides to the teachers/leaders!  So excited!
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Grow Slider

Is there an ETA for the Slider feature for grow V5?  I am looking forward to checking out this feature.