Ryan Anfinrud

Youth Pastor

Bible App Devos

Can we get a document (even a pdf!) that has all the different devotionals that are on the Bible app for each series? I have some students who don't have phones, who want to still read along with the rest.

"Grow Content" in Announcements

When I go to add "Grow Content" under announcements, I can get as far as choose which series I want to include, but when I try and choose which week it says "no week available."

This appears to be the case for any volume and series I attempt to add. Any ideas?

Volume 5 not appearing as an option to import in the app builder

In the app builder, I have the option to import curriculum from volumes 2-4, but not 5. Can someone look into this for me?

Clear all Notifications

I've got 25 notifications right now. (Thanks Duane!) and the only way I see to clear them is to click on each of them individually. Can we get a clear all button?

Can I change my username?

"ryan4" is fine and my people will know it's me, but I'd like to change it and don't see a place to do so!