Caleb Brandt

Middle School Director

Hubs Videos

When I upload a video on hubs it is all jumpy and the video freezes and starts making it hard to watch. The original file doesn't have this problem. Also, when I exit out of the post/video, the sound continues to play in the background and I can't turn it off except by refreshing the page for hubs. What do I need to do?

Marketing Question

Is there a way to have available what fonts are used for the series? Our graphic design person couldn't find it and it would make his life easier.

Announcements Across Multiple Hubs

Hey, I am loving Hubs! I did have a question though. If I post an announcement to multiple Hubs, it appears that if someone comments in one of the hubs, that comment is visible in all hubs. Is the only way to get around this to post the announcements individually in the different hubs?